Apply for OSAP

The Ontario Student Assistance Program or OSAP manages the student loans in Ontario, Canada. When students apply for loans the OSAP application is incorporated with other Ontario and Canadian post secondary assistance programs. This means that they are automatically eligible to get one of the Canadian student loans as well as other federal and provincial grants. Although students are required to submit details about the post secondary programs that they are applying for, they can apply for OSAP without getting an acceptance notice from the school. Read to find out more.student8 Apply for OSAP

How to apply for OSAP

There are several ways that you can make an application. For one, you can visit OSAP’s site and click the new registration button on the home page to register.

Next, you would complete the online application form. This application requires information regarding your area of study (school program); financial assets and income. You might have to include information for your parents which includes their marital, financial and family status. Note that married students are required to include information regarding the financial status of their spouse.

After that, the application can be submitted online. In addition, you will get instructions to mail any supporting documents. These documents could include signature pages and marriage certificates. You would mail these documents to the financial aid office at the institution where you are planning to study in Ontario. On the other hand, you would send the documents to OSAP through the students’ financial assistance branch office if you are not attending an institution in Ontario. Check the website for the mailing information.

Another way to apply for OSAP is by mail.

You can get the application form on OSAP’s website where you can download and then print.

After that, you can fill out the form with information about your area of study, financial assets and income. Just like before, you might have to include information about the marital, financial and family status of your parents as well as your spouse financial status if you are married.

Next, you would prepare the application form for submission along with supporting documents like your financial documents and marriage certificate. You can check the website to know what you are required to send as supporting documents as well as the amount that you should pay for fee.

If you are not attending an institution in Ontario, you need to fill out a form for the program. This is available on OSAP website in downloadable form. So, you can download the form, print, complete the required fields and then send it to the school. The school will then complete it and then send it off to the OSAP.

Finally, if you are studying at an institution in Ontario you are required to send the completed application form, documentation and fees to the financial aid office at your school. There are additional resources available on the official website if you need help to apply for OSAP financial aid.