How To Get a Student Grants for College

college grants 300x198 How To Get a Student Grants for CollegeMost students are not able to pay for their education at colleges or other post-secondary schools. Thankfully, Canadian students can get financial assistance including student grants for college education. Students who qualify and satisfy the requirements will get college grants through the Canadian government to cover their tuition fees and living expenses.

The following are some of the options available for student grants for college education:

Middle Income Grants: Canadian students from middle income families are eligible to get this grant. However, they have to satisfy two requirements, which include applying for a Canada Student Loan and enrolling in a program for at least two years. Upon applying for the middle income loan, the National Student Loans Service Centre will determine if the student qualifies. Canadian students can get as much as $1, 000 each school year, because the middle income grant gives them $100 monthly. Students have to reapply each school year to get this grant.

Low Income Grants: The eligibility requirements for low income grants are similar to the middle income grant. However, Canadian students will get more from this grant and can qualify once they are from a low income household. The low income grant awards $250 monthly, so students can get as much as $3,000 for each school year. Students have to reapply each year to renew the low income grant.

Disabilities Grants: Through the Canadian Government, it’s possible to qualify for one of the two types of disabilities student grants for college. The first type is granted to individuals with permanent disabilities, while the second one is for those with disabilities who need special equipment and/or service. Canadian students can get $2,000 for each school year once they submit an application for a Canadian Student Loan as well as enroll to pursue post-secondary education on a part time basis.

Students who have temporary disabilities are awarded an extra $8,000 for each year to get tutoring, nursing and equipment. Disabled students have to show medical documentation to verify their disability. You can contact the local territorial and provincial student financial assistance offices to learn more about this grant.

Grants for Part-time Studies or Students with children:

Canadian students with children from low income families can get $200 monthly for each dependent below 12 years old. These students are required to submit an application for Canadian Student loan.

Canadian part-time students are eligible to get other types of government grants based on their circumstances like hardships, dependents and duration of college term. They are also required to apply for the Canadian Student Loan.

Overall, there are many student grants for college education in Canada. Apart from the government grants, students can get grants from other entities like charities, private donors, non-profit organizations and private corporations. These grants are awarded for specific study areas, based on merits earned for academic accomplishments as well as financial needs.